LANKKU ultimately started during a sleepless night with a vision to experiment and make something different and unique from all those old, used up skateboards lying under the bed. At the same time, a very special person to me, the maker, had broken her sunglasses. With little experience but a great deal of passion, the first pair of sunglasses started getting shaped and after a couple months of trial & error, the end result was ugly but nonetheless satisfying. Heaps of love, sweat & tears was poured into this pair and realizing that I had just created something completely different out of a piece of trash was definitely fulfilling.


Fastforwarding two years from making the first pair of sunglasses, LANKKU has been steadily shaped through constant trial & error. This shaping has happened with a couple strong aspirations in mind throughout the whole process:

  1. Keep the production as clean and local as possible: I can make sure that the frames are 100% handcrafted & assembled from recycled skateboards by myself here in Helsinki, Finland. I do not want to create yet another mass-produced unoriginal product.
  2. Make a quality product: Canadian Maple -skateboards for frame durability, Carl Zeiss lenses for optical excellence & quality spring-loaded hinges for a comfortable fit.
  3. Be one-of-a-kind: Each frame is made to be truly unique, with details never being the same from pair to pair.